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Who We Are


Digital People was established in 1997, with an office in Chicago, followed by the Minneapolis location opening for business in 1999. We continued the expansion of service offerings in the interactive field to encompass email and mobile, as well as web technology.


Since Day One, we have been committed to nurturing our talent with the same enthusiasm we bring to serving employers. Hey, the way we see it at Digital People, we’re all in this together. So, it’s no surprise that it’s come full circle: many of our clients were once Digital People talent themselves. We think that says it all.


Digital People is one member of a diverse family of staffing firms, each dedicated to a particular niche specialty – and ours is creative, interactive and marketing.

With us, under the umbrella of Atterro, are three other specialty brands:

 Pro Staff: Administrative and Light Industrial

 Hunter Hamilton: Finance and Accounting

 Ware Technology Services: Engineering


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