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Partnering with a staffing agency gives you access to top talent, reduces employment risks, and makes the hiring process more efficient. There are steps you can take to maximize these benefits. Here are five!

1. Partner with the right agency

Staffing companies often specialize in an industry, so it’s best to work with one that has experience finding candidates for your specific needs. Specialized recruiters understand the ins and outs of your industry and are better prepared to find an ideal match.

It’s also important to partner with an agency and people you like and trust. Your staffing agency will be an extension of your company. Life is too short to deal with people you dislike – and breakdowns can occur when you do not trust the relationship.

2. Maintain open, regular communication

The foundation of a good relationship – personal or professional – is communication. When getting to know the agency, don’t be afraid to ask questions about hiring practices, past success, or employee turnover rates. Likewise, be ready and willing to share. The more you reveal about your company – your history, culture, goals, etc. – the better candidates you’ll receive. And don’t stop there! Maintain open communication before, during, and after hiring.

3. Be specific

Many jobs and projects require specific skills to be completed correctly and on time. Be very clear about the skills, experience, and education you need in a candidate.

4. Establish a timeline

To ensure you receive the best candidates, it’s important to give the agency ample lead time. Work together to set a reasonable timeline. While your recruiter may already have skilled candidates in mind, it can take time and research to find the right people for the job. A timeline also sets expectations for both parties.

5. Draw on the agency’s expertise

Be open to learning from your staffing agency. Your recruiter has probably worked with many companies similar to your own. Take this opportunity to draw on the agency’s expertise and experience. They have more to provide than the right people for the job!

If you’re looking to partner with a staffing agency, let’s talk! With over 30 years of expertise, we have the know-how and resources to help you find your next rock star employee.