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The Science of A/B Testing

“I know that I should be doing A/B testing, but I don’t know where to start”

Do you often catch yourself saying this or hearing someone else say it to you?  Most people understand what the idea of “testing” is, yet they struggle with coming up with a strategy to implement it.

Do you know how well key parts of your site are performing?  Or are you focused more on what your instincts would tell you and running with those instincts?  Hubspot has a great recent post on results of even the most experienced of marketers who performed A/B tests on their websites.  In their study, testing has proven to generate 30-40% more leads for B2B sites and 20-25% more leads for eCommerce sites.

Latest methodologies in landing page testing

We all know that tools like Google Analytics will help us understand which key pages should be tested to continue to improve their performance.  But what elements are often the most effective?

Calls to Action

Some of the most effective tests surrounding performance of your site start with elements in the calls to action.  The surrounding text, whitespace, button size and color all play a part in the success of the page.  You may drive tons and tons of traffic to the page, but if the call to action doesn’t jump out in the context of the page, that traffic is wasted!  We’re not advocating a flashing red button here, as we don’t want to revert back to 15 years ago!  But some simple techniques can make a huge difference for you!  Here’s a great study on a seemingly subtle change in the headline and text of a CTA.  The results will probably surprise you!

Registrations/Purchase forms

People protect their information, regardless of how important your product or service may be to them after they’ve experienced it.  Shortening the registration form or purchase flow process can ultimately revolutionize your conversion rates and your online revenue.

Content Length

Each page of your site has potentially completely different equations for content length.  For instance, if a user is coming from Google to a focused landing page, they won’t have much trust or knowledge of your organization, so longer length may be necessary.  If they are coming from an email campaign, that landing page might be able to be much, much shorter.  Content Verve has a great post outlining strategies for testing content length.

The assurance that data proves your site’s success is ultimately all that matters.

David Ogilvy once said, “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”  We’d contend that this phrase can be used for your website performance.

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