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Those in charge of staffing often find this time of year difficult due to seasonal demands, employees taking summer vacations, and employees asking for greater scheduling flexibility. These challenges can be greatly eased with the help of a staffing agency.

Five Ways to Rock New Employee Onboarding

Follow this employee onboarding checklist to create a productive, top-performing team of rock stars with all of the tools they need to do great work.

Networking is about listening and building relationships. When it comes to networking, it’s far more important to ask others what they need before you ask for what you want. To build a relationship, you ask questions of the other person and by doing so you come across as authentic and genuine. Take the time to […]

We would like to thank everyone who attended our recent resume and portfolio review events in Minneapolis, Chicago and Boston. The Nerdery and Elephant & Castle made great venues for our reviewers to be able to sit down one-on-one with attendees to give feedback on resumes and portfolios. These tips are a great way to […]

Here’s one thing we know: Boston is a great place to do business and, likewise, a great place to pursue your career. Boston’s creative industries are among the fastest growing sectors in the region. In fact, technology and professional services are predicted to transform the pattern of job growth for Boston.

One of the biggest mistakes in creating a user experience is to try to be “everything to everyone”. When determining the primary audience for your website, it is wise to not only consider the content that is relevant to them, but also the functionality and the audience’s use of technology.

David Ogilvy once said, “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”  We’d contend that this phrase can be used for your website performance.

Remember the days of planning ad campaigns across multiple mediums along with PR campaigns for each company initiative? The goal was to sell hard and sell often. Prior to the internet, people were attentive to these messages. Today, with all of the devices available and attention spans for messages surrounding a product or service getting shorter and shorter, inbound marketing is king.

We can all remember the days of IT and what that department traditionally was responsible for each day.  With technology becoming so vast and much of it moving to cloud-based solutions, IT has taken on a significant amount of new projects and roles in companies everywhere.