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Networking is about listening and building relationships. When it comes to networking, it’s far more important to ask others what they need before you ask for what you want. To build a relationship, you ask questions of the other person and by doing so you come across as authentic and genuine. Take the time to […]

We would like to thank everyone who attended our recent resume and portfolio review events in Minneapolis, Chicago and Boston. The Nerdery and Elephant & Castle made great venues for our reviewers to be able to sit down one-on-one with attendees to give feedback on resumes and portfolios. These tips are a great way to […]

In an ever-increasing world of online technologies, LinkedIn has become an instrumental website for job seekers’ searches for new positions and new connections. If you know how to use LinkedIn correctly, it can be a powerful tool for everyone in today’s workforce.

Remember the days of planning ad campaigns across multiple mediums along with PR campaigns for each company initiative? The goal was to sell hard and sell often. Prior to the internet, people were attentive to these messages. Today, with all of the devices available and attention spans for messages surrounding a product or service getting shorter and shorter, inbound marketing is king.

AIGA Design Therapy I recently sat on a panel discussion for AIGA MN called “So… You Need a Little [Design] Therapy.” The intent was to help emerging designers, and designers stuck in a rut, get re-inspired to think about their books and building their experience in a different way.  We all know doing the same […]