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No matter how prepared you are, or qualified for a certain role, things sometimes just don’t go your way, and you leave an interview in the same position you started: unemployed — that, or employed, but in need of a new job.

Here’s the thing, you can’t control everything in your job search. Try as you might, there will always be other forces influencing whether or not you get the role. In an effort to help, we’ve decided to break down those things you can’t control and how to respond so you don’t get discouraged in your search:

1. You can’t control which companies are hiring.

It can feel somewhat defeating when a company you’ve set your sights on isn’t currently hiring or doesn’t have an opening that quite fits your skill set. And even with a contact in the organization, you still can’t seem to get your foot in the door. All, however, is not lost because…

You CAN control your efforts. Outside of refocusing your energy on companies similar to your ideal employer (don’t worry, you can still keep an eye on its job board), make sure you’re doing everything in your power to position yourself as the ideal candidate. Update your LinkedIn profile, network with others in your industry, and check that all your materials paint a consistent picture of your experience.

On top of that, think long and hard about how you’re approaching potential employers. When hiring managers look at candidates, they’re actually searching for a solution to a problem in the organization. If you can fill that need and add value, you increase your chances of being hired.

2. You can’t control the job market.

The economic climate has always influenced the job market. When the economy is good, people feel more comfortable exploring new job opportunities. When the economy bad, however, retention numbers go up—and the market tightens, making it more difficult to find a job. But that doesn’t mean you won’t because…

You CAN control how you react. If your job search isn’t providing any results, it could be time to shift your attention and target a different industry. After all, many skills are transferable, and you could very well be qualified for a job in a new, growing sector of the workforce.

Reach out to your network and ask if they see potential opportunities for you to move into a new industry or sector of an industry. Is there anything you can do to fill gaps in your skill set to make you more attractive to employers in that industry? Is there a better way to position your materials to get their attention?

3. You can’t control the competition.

Every job seeker is different, with varying skills and levels of experience. Even if a particular job is perfect for you, someone may come to the table that checks all of the boxes for that employer. It can be hard to compete with a candidate that has more experience than you. This, however, doesn’t mean you’ll always lose out because…

You CAN control your performance. Shake off any missed opportunity. Chances are, there wasn’t much you could’ve done differently. But you can make sure you’re more than prepared for the next interview. Practice talking about yourself, think about your strengths and weaknesses, and work up answers and examples to questions that you know will come up in the interview setting. Here are a few resources to help you get started.

If you’d like additional information on how to best look for a job, please contact us today! A member of our team would be more than happy to sit down with you and explore current employment opportunities.