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When I assumed my new position in talent engagement and culture, I began the process of researching the tactics and programs that have worked for other companies. Knowing I was responsible for driving engagement and culture among our internal and external employees, I wanted something that could make an immediate impact.

Thankfully, I found this video clip from SnackNation about the Crush It program. As the video shows, the Crush It program encourages employees to share two things during team meetings: (1) someone who has been “crushing it” on the job, and (2) something that you are grateful for at home or work.

Crush It resonated with me, and I thought it could have a positive impact on our culture. Our senior leadership team immediately embraced it, and we are now eight months into this program! It’s proven to be a great way for people to feel appreciated and recognized by their team!

Making the program work for us

Over time, we’ve found a few ways to make the program our own. First, to add an element of surprise, we often do not let the employee know that they are jumping on a Crush It call.

Stacey Lane, our EVP of field operations, says this is her favorite part of the program: “I look forward to Crush It calls every week! Those invited to the call begin with confusion because they aren’t sure why they have joined the meeting, and this is just the beginning of the fun! Once we explain that they were chosen to be recognized for extraordinary performance, and we take time to share how they went above-and-beyond, I’m always moved by the responses. Some have cried, screamed, laughed, or even been speechless, but EVERYONE has contacted me after the call to share how much it meant to them. It is impossible to leave that call without a huge smile on your face!”

The Crush It Cart is another twist that we’ve recently added to the program at our corporate office in Cincinnati, OH. This cart is loaded with treats and surprises for us to hand out to those participating in the Crush It program. It has added another level of fun.

What our team has to say

Many of our employees say they have been humbled by the Crush It experience, some are moved to tears and many are just downright giddy:

  • “Dialed in expecting to be on a conference call and, low and behold, we got love bombed! They sang our praises and recognized our specific contributions. I felt so valued and appreciated.”
  • “I love working here and the whole leadership team. I am at home and feel valued and appreciated once again, which means more to me than anything. Thanks for adding the fun back in the workplace.”
  • “That call was really over the top but thank you for your kind words and for your confidence in me. Truly, this has been a terrific move for me – challenging with the opportunity to innovate.”
  • “I’m such a big fan of the Crush It call. What I like most is recognizing the team members that support our company with so much passion on a weekly basis. I LOVE the surprise element when people realize why they are on the call. You can feel the appreciation, emotion, and energy through the phone!”

If your company is looking for a way to recognize and show appreciation for your team, I encourage you to consider the Crush It program. It’s an inexpensive way to boost engagement with a BIG pay off! Feel free to contact us if you have questions.