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Branding goes beyond attracting your target customers to buy your product or service. It’s also important to develop your employer brand.

What is an employer brand? It can be defined in one word: perception. When people think about working for your company, what thoughts and feelings come to mind? How do candidates perceive you as a company and as an employer? What is your reputation?

4 Employer Branding Tips

Fostering a strong employer brand makes the recruiting process easier and more successful. A positive employer brand will help attract people to your company, not only for a job, but for the experience of being a part of an exciting workplace.

Here are four steps you can take to build a compelling employer brand:

1. Align your employer brand with your corporate brand.

Consistency and branding go together like… dogs and tennis balls. You just can’t seem to separate one from the other. Make sure your company’s image – words, photos, and videos – is consistent across your website, social media pages, and job postings. Team up with your marketing department to ensure that your message to both customers and potential employees is cohesive.

2. Put on your sales hat.

In today’s competitive talent market, the onus is no longer on candidates to convince companies to hire them. Companies must also sell themselves to candidates. This process begins by targeting your efforts to the right candidates. Just like marketers need to define their target customer, employers should define their target candidate and determine what appeals to them.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What type of work are ideal candidates doing now?
  • What are their career ambitions?
  • What type of culture are they attracted to?
  • Why would your target candidates choose to work for you over a competitor?

By arming yourself with a clear picture of your target candidate, you’ll be in a better position to write a compelling ad to attract and sell candidates to your company.

3. Provide visuals.

To attract top talent, boring job descriptions just won’t cut it! Help candidates imagine themselves working for your company. Show them your culture with a branded video, include a link to a day-in-the-life blog post, or share photos from a recent employee gathering.

4. Be honest.

While you may want to portray yourself as an employer with a fun, upbeat workplace, if that isn’t your reality, don’t misrepresent yourself. Be authentic. Likewise, if a poor employer brand comes up in recruiting, be honest with candidates. “We realize that we’ve had issues in the past, but we’re making strides to improve our customer service” is much more effective than “What do you mean? We provide excellent customer service.” Being true to your reputation will build trust and loyalty.

Employer branding goes beyond recruiting. It extends to every aspect of employment, including onboarding, training, career path development, and benefits. An effective employer brand not only presents your organization as a great place to work, it can also affect the market’s perception of your company. It’s good for business!