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Starting a new job is stressful. It’s almost like being the new kid in school! It’s also an exciting time for both the employee and the employer, and so it should be a positive experience. A warm welcome can boost job satisfaction, productivity, and retention – a win-win!

I recently asked my team to share their strategies for welcoming new employees. Take a read! And then leave a comment on our Facebook page letting us know how YOU think employers should welcome new employees to the team!

Be prepared

“Before new employees arrive, ensure that their workstations are ready and they have all of the necessary tools to perform the job. Make a welcome sign or leave a small gift on their desk, such as a company branded coffee mug filled with candy. Going the extra mile will help new employees feel like part of the team.” – Kelly Z, Corporate Trainer, Chandler, AZ

Introduce and celebrate

“The first day on the job is reason to celebrate, so bring your team together for a meet-and-greet session to introduce everyone (even if it’s quick)! Make sure that new employees know that you’re excited to have them on your team!” – Tonya H, Branch Manager, Crescent Springs, KY

Buddy up

“Create a cushion for the first week jitters by asking employees to “buddy” with newbies. Seasoned employees know the ropes and can provide invaluable tips as well as sit with them at lunch, on breaks, etc.” – Melissa M, Branch Manager, Pensacola, FL

Get them involved

“Immerse new employees into the company culture quickly. Assign roles and ask for input. Encourage them to come up with their own personal plan for what they want to accomplish. Involve them in all of the social and fun activities around the workplace. When in meetings, ask for their input and actively listen to what they have to say.” – Mariah R, Client Talent Manager, Plymouth, MN

Share information

“Put together a Getting to Know You or How to Work Best with Me form. Or host a team meeting and ask everyone to share something that no one knows about them. It can be anything from “I have two cats” to “I have a black belt in karate.” I always learn a lot about my team when we do this exercise.” – Karen F, CSP, Director, Administrative Support, Cincinnati, OH

Don’t rush into training

“Required new employee training can be stressful. It also isolates new employees to their desks when they want to be bonding with their team. If possible, delay corporate training for a week or two. With this, the training will be more meaningful as they will understand how it relates to their role.” – Roberta O, Regional Operations, Rocky Hill, CT

Check in regularly

“During the first week, touch base with new employees daily. This lets them know that they are not alone and that you are interested in their honest feedback. It is critical that every single person feels comfortable right off the bat.” – Nikki L, Onsite Manager, Sumner, WA

Be sensitive to temporary employees

“Refrain from referring to new employees as “temps,” even though they may be working in a temporary position. It can make them feel less than other employees. It is important for them to feel just as valued as the rest of the team.” – Tara H, Client Services, Cincinnati, OH

What a great list of ideas! Ok, don’t forget to hop over to our Facebook page to share how you think employers can help new employees feel welcome. I look forward to reading your responses!