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In Digital Marketing, Content is Key

Content creation is marketing’s new norm.

Remember the days of planning ad campaigns across multiple mediums along with PR campaigns for each company initiative? The goal was to sell hard and sell often. Prior to the internet, people were attentive to these messages. Today, with all of the devices available and attention spans for messages surrounding a product or service getting shorter and shorter, inbound marketing is king.

This new wave of thinking came when social media started to take off. With people connecting with others, and simultaneously looking to others for what deserves our attention, it became necessary for companies to get in front of people through valuable content rather than overt selling.

The World Wide Web has changed for the better.

When the internet was first launched, it was a place for research for specific groups of people. Over time, the information grew and it became a massive, convenient place for seemingly any kind of data. In 2013 and beyond, it has become largely about the networks that people associate themselves with, the groups and contacts in each network with whom they align with, all in an effort to improve life and make a difference.

People, now more than ever, are more emotionally connected to brands that they like. While this is a great thing, it is harder to control and one piece of content published can make or break a brand for years to come.

We’ve put together a great article on some ways that content marketing is used, the growth it will see in the coming years and things to be aware of as you prepare your own content strategy for your brand. What kind of content do you find most valuable? Is there a particular network you trust for each part of your life?