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You’re not going to earn recognition or a promotion at work by just going through the motions. You need to go above and beyond – but what does that really mean, anyway?

To better understand what it takes, I recently asked my team this question: what can employees do to get noticed (or even promoted!) at work? Here’s what they had to say:

Take initiative

“Taking initiative is huge! It’s not only helpful to your colleagues, but shows leadership skills and that you are able to take on more responsibility. The colleague who steps up to take the lead is likely to be the future manager who everyone wants to have – the manager who isn’t opposed to get back in the trenches and help when necessary.” – Tiffany R, Recruiter 

Become a subject matter expert

“Become a subject matter expert and learn all that you can. Take this knowledge to work toward the job that you want. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to take care of something. See the need and offer to take care of it. Be the one who takes ownership.” – Milissa K, Market Manager 

Be consistent

“Do your job…every day. Get to know everything there is about your job and perform your job duties consistently. Everyday hard work is hard work. You do not always have to do something outside the scope of your job to be recognized, you just need to do your job effectively every single day. This kind of appreciation will come from leaders who understand your job and understand you.” – Robert M, Director of National Accounts 

Make yourself valuable

“Be willing to learn new things. Pay attention to other team members to learn what does and doesn’t work. Apply what you learn without being prompted. This will garner the attention of leadership and make you stand out when promotional opportunities come along. You don’t always have to score touchdowns; sometimes going the extra ‘yard’ will give you the 1st down needed to keep you in the game!” – Audra M, Payroll Consultant 

Stay focused

“Stay busy with “deep work,” not “shallow work.” Check out the book Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. Stay focused and prioritize small and large tasks in a smart and efficient manner to make the most of each day.” – Beth C, Branch Manager

Are you curious how I would answer this question? Well, the best advice I received was to operate and make decisions like you were one step up (your boss’s position) and always be developing your successor. It’s easier to get noticed and perhaps promoted if you think and act like you have more responsibility, make bigger picture decisions, and have someone ready to take your place.

So, how do YOU think someone can get noticed at work or promoted at work? Hop over to our Facebook page to share your perspective! I look forward to reading your responses.