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To our valued employees,

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One of my favorite weeks of the year kicks off today – National Staffing Employee Week! This annual week of recognition is dedicated to celebrating the stars of our workforce. I’d like to sincerely thank you, our temporary and contract employees, for your hard work and dedication. Our business would not exist without you, and I hope that you know just how much you are valued and appreciated.

I hear stories every day about how our employees are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. I can’t help but beam with pride when I hear these heartwarming, life-changing stories.

There is a woman who began working with us in 2018 who sadly lost her husband many years ago, leaving her to raise four children on her own. She has since successfully put them through college and is now the proud grandma to a beautiful granddaughter. She is like a mother to everyone she meets, including our clients, as she is warm, friendly, and eager to share delicious home-cooked food. We are so happy to be able to offer her work when needed. The flexibility of temporary staffing has allowed her to support her family while also running her own business.

And then there is a man who came to us hoping to find work quickly. As luck would have it, our client had a project that required a same-day start, and he accepted the job. Soon after, we learned that he was homeless and had no means of transportation. Despite these challenges, he maintained perfect attendance. His work ethic and positive attitude made such a great impression on our client that they created a temp-to-hire position for him! He recently moved into an apartment of his own. We are honored to play a role in helping him get back on his feet, and we are so proud to have him on our team!

A father and son pair came to this country last year after a three-year wait and were assigned a weekend shift with three 12-hour days. They did such a great job that our client quickly moved them to second shift, Monday through Friday. And just recently they were promoted to payroll! They were so thankful when we told them the news that they had tears in their eyes, and they even bought us pizza to celebrate! During the course of their employment, they have achieved so much, personally and professionally, including learning to speak English. I am so proud of the hard work they both have done in such a short period of time and am thrilled that we have been able to help them change their lives!

There are countless stories just like these, stories of transformation, opportunity, and success. We are so proud of all of you. You each are vital to the success of our clients’ organizations, as well as ours. We hope that you are as proud to work for us as we are to have you on our team.

Our company’s vision is to change the world – one person, one job, one community at a time. Thank you for making this vision a reality. Together, I know that we are making the world a better place!

Happy National Staffing Employee Week 2019!


Geno Cutolo
CEO, Staffmark Group