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Promote Employee Wellness in the Workplace

Promote workplace and employee wellnessIt’s New Year’s resolution season. That means that many of your employees have a renewed interest in their health. Are you, as their employer, ready to support their efforts to improve and maintain their health?

An employee wellness program is no longer simply a nice-to-have benefit. Studies have proven that wellness programs lower health care costs, improve productivity, increase employee morale, and reduce turnover. Here are a few ways you can ease into a wellness program:


Create a supportive environment that provides encouragement, opportunity, and rewards. Form a wellness team with people from all levels within your company and provide them with an adequate budget. Design a buddy system or have employees post their goals in the break room to create added accountability.


To better support your employee’s efforts, offer healthy meal and snack options. A gesture as small as providing fresh fruit or a veggie tray once a week will communicate that health is important to the company. Stock snack machines with healthy options and provide filtered water to encourage employees to stay hydrated. Opt for healthy choices during lunch meetings rather than pizza and soda.


There are a number of ways you can encourage your employees to get moving. Provide flexible work schedules to allow time for exercise and consider offering a discount to a local gym. Create a lunch hour walking club and offer incentives for employees who participate.


A well rested employee is a productive employee. To help employees regularly get seven to nine hours of sleep, adjust your expectations to ensure employees aren’t working excessive overtime or losing sleep due to work stress.


Bring speakers into the office to lead sessions on nutrition, exercise, or stress management. Consider bringing in yoga or aerobics instructors for lunchtime classes. Keep sessions engaging and offer incentives for employees who attend.

Mental health

Also keep mental health in mind. An easy way to boost moods in the office is through natural light. If your office doesn’t have many windows, encourage employees to step outside for breaks throughout the day. Also add plants to the office to cleanse the air.

Whatever corporate wellness ideas you decide to implement in your office, know that taking even a small step can benefit your employees, your productivity, and your bottom line. Cheers to your health!