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It’s gotten to be a bit of a scramble to recruit talent — so much so that 67 percent of companies are now reporting talent shortages. When it comes to the best and the brightest, you’ve got to act fast. Top talent stays on the market for an average of just 10 days.

In other words, recruitment has become a free for all, and your business likely needs a new strategy to attract the best. Here are six creative recruiting techniques you should consider to fill your next vacancy:

1. Go the referral route.

It’s often better to hire people through referral, especially when that referral comes from an employee. That person understands your company and can attest to whether the referral will be a good fit. Besides, referral hires often have greater job satisfaction, and this can improve employee retention, with 47 percent staying more than three years.

Obviously, you’ll want to incentivize the program. But this doesn’t always guarantee long-term hires. That’s why we recommend staging reward programs, where you offer a small reward upon hiring and then a larger reward, like a cash prize, after the referral completes a certain term of employment.

2. Pass out recruiting cards.

Recruiting cards are a lot like business cards. Instead of employee info, the front reads “Now Hiring” with the back saying something like, “Tell them ‘so-and-so’ sent you.” When staff run into anyone they feel would be a good fit, ask them to hand out a card — and I mean to anyone. A barista at Starbucks could very well be your next great hire.

3. Host an open house.

Companies often use open houses to introduce potential hires to their organization. By hosting an event like this, you position yourself as a friendly business in the community. And the next time someone is looking for a job, your company is top of mind.

4. Get creative with job postings.

Think about the last time you looked at a job board. Most of the listings probably had generic titles like “Senior Marketing Director” or “Data Analyst.” These do nothing to attract talent — or, at least, stand out from the crowd.

The key to recruiting is all in the language you use. Matrix Group refers to its CEO as Chief Troublemaker, Allen & Gerristen employs a Creator of Opportunities rather than a SVP of Business Development, and Quicken Loans has a VP of Miscellaneous Stuff.

Not that you need to be as playful or tongue-in-cheek as these companies, but you can really differentiate yourself from the competition by thinking outside the box when it comes to the headlines of your listings.

5. Look to the past.

Maybe salary was an issue or someone’s skills didn’t quite match, but rejections for past job openings could be ideal candidates today. Take a look at previous applicants and get in touch with those you think may be a good fit.

6. Go after the dream.

All too often, companies focus almost exclusively on active jobseekers, but passive candidates — those people not actively looking for a job — may be your ideal hire. And the only way to bring them on board is to let them know you’re interested.

Compile a list of your ideal applicants by researching people who hold similar positions to your vacancy. Check social media and networking sites. Try to get a look at their past work to determine whether they fit the bill. Then, go after them with everything you’ve got. Maybe even send them a small gift to sweeten the pot. Flattery can be very persuasive.

If you’d like more information on creative ways to recruit talent, or would like our help in finding the right candidate for your business, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to discuss your current staffing needs and help you develop a plan to recruit the best fit for the role.