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Summer Staffing

The kids are out of school, the weather is warming up, and the beaches are calling. This also means that many of your employees will be taking time off. Are you ready?

As your employees plan their vacations, it’s time for you to do a little planning as well. To make this process easier, check out these six tips for managing your workforce during the summer months – or any busy holiday season:

Tip #1: Plan in advance.

There is truth behind the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s important to open the conversation of vacation planning months in advance. This will allow your employees time to determine what days or weeks they want to take off and will allow you time to accommodate for their absences.

Tip #2: Create a blackout period.

If a busy season requires all hands on deck, let employees know that vacation requests will be denied during that timeframe. Communicate this as early as possible and offer your sincere appreciation for their support.

Tip #3: Adjust your work hours.

If your business allows, create special hours during the holiday or vacation season. For example, some businesses opt to work four 10-hour days during the summer months and close on Fridays. This allows employees extra time with their families and cuts down on the number of requests for time off.

Tip #4: Offer a pay differential.

For some people, money talks. If you are having trouble with staffing during a certain timeframe, offer a pay differential to entice employees and reward those who step up to help.

Tip #5: Acknowledge hard work.

Let your employees know that staffing during a busy or holiday season is a team effort. Offer recognition for employees who are making extra efforts to cover coworkers’ absences and thank them for working together.

Tip #6: Have temp staff at the ready.

Partner with a staffing agency that can provide temporary workers when and where you need them. This will provide added flexibility for your full-time employees while you maintain staffing levels – all without adding permanent members to your roster.

If you’d like to discuss your unique situation or hiring challenge, connect with us by phone or email! We’d love to help make your summer less stressful so that you too can take a break without any staffing concerns!