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Creativity Is Human.

Benjamin Franklin was an author, printer, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, activist, statesman, and diplomat. Talk about a multi-tasker! To cope with everything he had going, Franklin developed a list of habits he knew could bring about positive change in his life. He set a goal to nurture one habit each week for a year.

Here are ten tips based on his principles to help you better manage your time:

1.) Prioritize. Select one or two things that are your highest priority and schedule the time to work on them first. Then move down your list.

2.) Focus. Set aside time to work on one thing, instead of trying to cover all things at once.

3.) Organize. Divide your goals into smaller tasks, achieving success one step at a time as you progress toward the big goal.

4.) Maximize your day. Pay attention to your physical and mental energy levels during the day and schedule tasks at those peak times.

5.) Find efficiencies. Look for ways of doing repetitive tasks better and faster.

6.) Troubleshoot. Keep watch for potential pitfalls and work through possible problems as soon as you can.

7.) Be honest. Get clear about what you want and what you can handle and then use good communication skills to relay that to others.

8.) Stay consistent. Don’t be afraid to say no to things that are not in line with your priorities.

9.) Finish what’s important. Work hard to reach meaningful goals and don’t let unnecessary actions distract you or get in the way.

10.) Stay calm. Some bumps in the road are unavoidable. Don’t get mad or give up. Dust yourself off, adjust your plan and carry on.