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Emergence of the Marketing Technologist

Explore the emergence of the marketing technologist

Two departments,  IT & Marketing, intertwining in 2013

We can all remember the days of IT and what that department traditionally was responsible for each day.  With technology becoming so vast and much of it moving to cloud-based solutions, IT has taken on a significant amount of new projects and roles in companies everywhere.

What about your marketing department?  Many companies have hired a developer or an agency to design a new website.  A large number of both small and large companies are now on social media as well.  But the question remains:  Do you have someone on your team that actually understands emerging technologies as it relates to marketing?

The emergence of the Marketing Technologist

We’ve put together a great case study on the emerging trend of Marketing Technologists and their role within a company.   They have a larger role than just managing smaller initiatives such as social media strategies and website projects, but have a large voice among the business leaders in deciding how technology initiatives can relate to marketing efforts.

One doesn’t have to do much research to see the increase of demand for this position in companies across the globe.  In a span of 4 years, 2008 to 2012, Google search results for “Chief Marketing Technologist” increased from just 320 to more than 265,000!

Companies are no longer completely compartmentalizing the decisions made by both IT and Marketing.  Check out our full article and learn more here!