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Behind the scenes, entrepreneurs are involved in every aspect of getting a new business off the ground. Out of necessity, they learn to do it all – and often continue on this path. Unfortunately, this results in stalled growth, burnout, and a lost focus on income-producing activities.

Successful business owners recognize that while they can do it all, small business outsourcing is a better way. It allows you to focus your energy on your core competencies and plan for future growth.

Be honest with yourself
It’s important for small businesses to honestly evaluate strengths and areas of opportunity. Once these are identified, you can begin to think about what tasks you may want to outsource. There are a number of roles that can be outsourced on a short- or long-term basis, such as: HR, payroll, IT, and marketing.

Get the timing down
Outsourcing helps small companies act “big” by giving them access to the resources and expertise of a large company. With this in mind, many small businesses can benefit from outsourcing at the very beginning.

Reach out to your network
When looking for a provider, talk with your people – aka, your network. Use LinkedIn to learn about opportunities and receive recommendations and attend local networking meet-ups. Digital People can also help you find qualified contractors. We use our expertise and network to find the qualified specialists you need – while you sit back and take the credit.

To make sure that you’ll jive with potential candidates, take experience, reputation, and flexibility into account. Gravitate toward with firms and individuals with a similar mission and values – and strengths that mirror your ultimate goal.

Let go
Once you’ve found a provider… Let. Go. When you micromanage and retain control, the benefits of outsourcing are lost. That being said, the provider must also earn your trust. Transparency is key to developing this trust. Meet from time to time to discuss the projects and keep both parties in the know.

Savvy business owners know when to hand over the reins to a specialist. Outsourcing is an investment in the long-term success and growth of your business. Done right, it allows you to concentrate on what’s really important: running and growing your business.