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Staffing for the busy holiday season goes beyond retail stores. As a creative, interactive, and marketing staffing agency, our clients have a variety of seasonal demands, from holiday vacation coverage to year-end project work – especially as they look to take advantage of unspent 2015 budget dollars.

As we enter the month of October, now is the time to prepare and get your staffing plan buttoned up. Here are a few of our top tips when it comes to hiring short-term help:

Get organized. Review your budget dollars and determine what projects need to be completed before end of year. Talk with your staff about their vacation plans and review for lapses in coverage. After gathering all of the facts, you’ll be able to better determine what you really need.

Consider hiring part-time help. Rather than one full-time worker, consider hiring two or three part-timers for even greater scheduling flexibility.

Hire for culture. Seasonal help may be short term, but still take the time to screen candidates for a cultural fit. There’s truth to the saying ‘one bad apple will spoil the barrel’ – and a ‘bad apple’ is the last thing you want during a busy holiday season. Added bonus: you may find a shining star to join your full-time team in the process!

Ask employees for referrals. Some of the best sources of seasonal help can come from within your organization. Offer rewards to incentivize successful referrals.

Partner with a staffing agency. The easiest way to add short-term help to your roster is through a staffing agency. The agency manages the hiring process, covers all employee costs (including taxes, unemployment insurance, etc.), and mitigates your risks.

If you have questions about hiring short-term help, let’s talk! We have ideas to save you time and money.