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DP - Summer Staffing

Summertime and the livin’ is easy… or at least according to Ella Fitzgerald.

Those in charge of staffing often find this time of year difficult due to seasonal demands, employees taking summer vacations, and employees asking for greater scheduling flexibility. These challenges can be greatly eased with the help of a staffing agency.

Here are four ways a staffing agency simplifies summer staffing:

Speed. You needed someone yesterday? A staffing agency has immediate access to a network of experienced contractors. And because their talent have the technical skills and experience you need, they can get right to work with little training.

Flexible terms. When you need help covering a special project or a seasonal peak, it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time employee who may not be needed in a few months. A staffing agency provides contractors on an as-needed basis so that you don’t need to let employees go as your needs decrease.

Planning assistance. A staffing partner can help with planning and forecasting to ensure that you don’t have a lapse in coverage during the busy summer months and beyond. With a plan in place, you’ll always have the staff you need – and if things change, the agency can quickly intervene to adjust as needed.

Cost savings. When you partner with a staffing agency, you aren’t responsible for the costs of advertising, interviewing, screening, and onboarding. Plus, as the employer, the staffing agency takes on payroll, unemployment tax, health insurance, and employee benefits. Once a contract has ended, they also handle the unemployment process. These savings really add up and greatly reduce your cost to hire. (Hey, you could even transfer these savings into an employee picnic or summer outing!)

Summer staffing doesn’t need to be stressful. A staffing agency provides an immediate, cost-effective short- or long-term staffing plan so that you can focus on getting your summer projects completed.