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  • 20 March 2019
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The idea of a new career is exciting, but the task of finding the right one can be daunting. Sifting through job boards, tweaking your resume, and waiting for the phone to ring can be exhausting and time consuming.

This whole process can be easier – and even more enjoyable – with the help of a recruiter!

I recently asked my team of recruiters and career experts this question: why should a job seeker work with a recruiter? Here’s what they had to say:

Benefits of Working with a Recruiter

Recruiters broaden your network.

“Think of your current job search connections: past employers, former college professors and administrators, friends, and family. Even if that group is large, it does not match the number that a recruiter can reach. Take advantage of a recruiter’s connections to get the most out of your job search. Recruiters spend a lot of time making connections through databases, phone calls, and face-to-face networking. Your network grows exponentially when using a recruiter during your job search.” – Starrla R, Account Executive, Shreveport, LA

Recruiters have access to unlisted jobs.

“Recruiters are the link between great candidates and great companies. Some of the best jobs never even make it to job boards. Recruiters are constantly thinking of their candidates and companies and working to bring the two together, even before they realize they are destined for one another. Recruiters know company culture and fit. They take the guesswork out of the recruitment process for both parties.” – Carla M, SVP Talent Engagement & Culture, Cincinnati, OH

“Working with a recruiter gives you an ‘in’ with employers. This gives you the opportunity to prove yourself and be hired with a company that you may not have considered otherwise. Also, many companies work closely with their recruiters and trust their judgment and can help with timing (no phone screens or interviews needed).” – Azucena F, Account Manager, Charlotte, NC

Recruiters have insider information about employers.

“Recruiters are the go-between for the candidate and customer. This enables candidates to learn much more about an employer than they would have by doing their own research. This extra information better prepares the candidate for the interview.” – Amy B, Market Manager, Mooresville, NC

“Recruiters have a history with the employer; they know the culture, business challenges, industry insight, internal decision makers or influencers, interview styles, and typical timeline to hire. Therefore, a recruiter can provide interview coaching that can make or break a first interview. A recruiter can expertly negotiate job offers and provide insight or feedback that may not have been shared otherwise. Maintaining a relationship with a recruiter throughout your career is like having a career coach in your corner.” – Cathy W, Senior Recruiter, Windsor, CT

Recruiters get to know the person behind the resume.

“The nice thing about working with a recruiter is that the recruiter gets a chance to engage and get to know the candidate as a person, not just a resume. This allows the recruiter to match them with the job that fits their personality and puts the candidate in an environment in which they thrive. This also helps the recruiter paint the right picture to the employer so they can also get a chance to know the person behind the resume before meeting them.” – Chelsea D, Account Manager, Mooresville, NC

“A recruiter is a liaison between companies and job seekers. The recruiter becomes the expert on the job opening and gets to know the job seeker by asking the right questions and finding the right fit for both. It is very rewarding when you find the right match!” – Cara W, Account Manager, Gastonia, NC

Recruiters help you through the hiring process, saving you time and energy.

“A good recruiter strives to provide the best candidates for their clients. Many will prepare the candidate for the job placement process, from applying to accepting an offer. If the right recruiter is chosen, most of your questions will be answered. You can also improve your resume, portfolio, and other applicant documents with the help of a recruiter.” – Starrla R, Account Executive, Shreveport, LA

Recruiters help you through the hiring process. They save you time in the job search process, and they provide insight into the company culture which can also help you better prepare for the interview. Lastly, once you’ve worked with a recruiter, you become part of their database and may be contacted for future opportunities.” – Karen W, National VP, Workforce Solutions, Panama City Beach, FL

“Knowledge is power! Job seekers can gain valuable insight by working with a recruiter, giving the candidate the power and an edge over his/her competition.” – Jonelle Y, Practice Director, Houston, TX

“When I first started in the staffing industry 20 years ago, I didn’t understand why a person would use a recruiter. Now I say you would be crazy to not use a recruiter! A recruiter can assist you with tweaking your resume, give you tips on interviewing, connect you with the right people, negotiate pay, and really save a person time and legwork when job seeking.” – Frankie P, Market Manager, Gastonia, NC

Recruiters advocate for you.

“A recruiter can help ‘sell’ the candidate to the employer and can provide the job seeker with invaluable coaching opportunities, from constructive resume rejuvenation to interview tips to negotiation advice.” – Jennifer W, Director of National Accounts

“A recruiter can be a strong advocate for candidates. Recruiters get candidates’ resumes in front of hiring managers a lot quicker than if they applied on their own, avoiding the “black hole” of resumes. Recruiters help candidates put their best foot forward for an interview and the first day on the job.” – Cheryl M, Virtual Recruiter, Charlotte, NC

Looking for a job should be an exciting time. We’re talking about your future here, after all! Recruiters make the process of looking for a job more fun and less stressful. And do you also know that there’s no charge? The recruiter is paid by their employer (us!). You pay nothing, yet get awesome service! It’s a win-win.

Have you worked with a recruiter to land a job in the past? If so, what benefits did you experience? Hop over to our Facebook page to share your perspective! I look forward to reading your responses.

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