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Keeping personal life on an even footing with work demands can be difficult – especially for those who always give 100%. How do you feel satisfied on the job and at home? Here are seven challenges and how you can overcome:

Achieving Work-Life Balance: 7 Common Challenges

  1. I procrastinate. Tune out distractions and eliminate temptations that lure you away from the task before you. Promise yourself a little reward when you are done to help stay motivated.
  2. I over-commit. Be realistic about how much time is in a day and then set expectations up front. Let people know when you have other commitments or potential conflicts in advance, so they know what to expect.
  3. I don’t know how to say no. Remember that it’s okay to respectfully say no. You’ll have more time for the activities that are meaningful to you, in both your personal and work life, once you stop saying yes due to guilt or a sense of obligation.
  4. I am overwhelmed. Prioritize your tasks, set goals, and tackle them one at a time. As you cross items off your list, recognize your progress. If you feel like you can’t do it all, ask for help and delegate when you can.
  5. I feel like I can’t power down. Technology should make your life more efficient, not control it. It is especially tricky when the boundaries between work and personal lives continue to blur and we feel compelled to find ways to further increase productivity. Turn your cell phone or laptop off and focus on the people and relationships that are important to you. It is called quality time for a reason!
  6. I don’t feel productive. Track your tasks and how long they are taking. Try finding efficiencies like batching activities into similar types of tasks and keeping a daily to-do list.
  7. I am working overtime to get ahead, but I’m not actually staying ahead. There are times when overtime is necessary. Before working those extra hours, ask yourself if it is a critical task that absolutely needs to be completed now. Get those must-do items done and hit the rest of the list the next day when you are fresh.